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Are you looking for an alternative health source in a world where toxins and pollutants are adding up daily in your body? Do you experience aches and pains from your daily life or as the result of an illness or injury? Is your skin rough, dry, broken out, splotchy, or take a long time to heal from cuts or bruises? Do you struggle with your weight and energy levels? At Blackstone Health and Motion, we have the answers for you with Blackstone Infrared Saunas.

Eco Carbon heaters

Our exclusive Eco Carbon heaters are the first Ecologically friendly heaters on the market. We combined the most advanced Japanese carbon technology with environmentally friendly materials to produce a heater that is clinically proven to raise body core temperature, lower blood pressure, improve muscle tone, and aid in weight loss. Eco carbon heaters use a unique heat pressure to seal the carbon fibre weave between 10 layers of environmentally friendly non-conductive material . This unique practice seals the heaters so no off-gassing occurs while heating. There are no glues used in this process. The use of ten (10) sandwich layers makes for the most efficient heater available. Eco Carbon heaters are over 95% efficient with a micron wave between 6 and 13 with the majority at 9.4 microns. Other companies use only 4 sandwich layers resulting in less efficient heaters with less desirable broad ranges of microns. Eco carbon heaters produce lower EMFR’s (electromagnetic ratios) than any other heaters on the market. Blackstone Eco Carbon Heaters were analyzed by BC Hydro’s special testers to verify that our Eco Carbon Heaters emit EMFR’s at less than 3 MG. Eco Carbon Heaters are not only the most efficient ecologically friendly heaters, they are also the world’s safest. Each Eco carbon heater contains a unique shut off. If a heater is damaged or malfunctions, the safety device will terminate power to the heater. These are the only heaters with individual safety devices in the world.