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Health Benefits

Are you looking for an alternative health source in a world where toxins and pollutants are adding up daily in your body? Do you experience aches and pains from your daily life or as the result of an illness or injury? Is your skin rough, dry, broken out, splotchy, or take a long time to heal from cuts or bruises? Do you struggle with your weight and energy levels? At Blackstone Health and Motion, we have the answers for you with Blackstone Infrared Saunas.

Your body is an amazing system that has the capacity to heal itself. You have experienced the flu or infection when your body counteracts the illness through producing a fever.  Your body literally burns the infection out of your body. Unfortunately, living through the flu or a serious infection comes at the end of a long line of mistakes with your health choices. Often, you place demands on your body too fast and too furiously for your body to compensate and rejuvenate. This is where owning a Blackstone Infrared Sauna can help you maintain that balance. The infrared heaters in our saunas penetrate your body tissues to a depth of about an inch and a half or 3.81cm inducing a natural fever situation without an illness. This induced fever causes your body to sweat and remove toxins that have built up in your body due to environmental, medicinal, or stress related situations. During this process, your heart rate speeds to rates similar to those of gentle exercise, thus helping your body to increase circulation and function more efficiently.


Some of the benefits that result with this removal of toxins from your bodies include: softer and clearer skin tone; reduced muscle and joint tenderness and soreness; faster healing of cuts, bruises, and acne; increased weight loss with a proper nutritional programme; the ability to have a deeper more relaxing sleep; and, reduced stress. Studies show that consistent use of an infrared sauna can help lower blood pressure, is safe for heart patients, arthritics, diabetics, and even healthy pregnant women when used at lower temperatures (always check with your doctor if you have any specific concerns, conditions, or ailments). Physiotherapists, osteopaths, general practitioners, naturopaths, and chiropractors all recognize the extreme benefits gained through regular usage of an infrared sauna. Time spent in a Blackstone Infrared Sauna is time well spent, not only for your physical health, but also for your mental health. You will find yourself more relaxed, healthier, and with less pain through continual use of your Blackstone Sauna than you can possibly imagine. We urge you to come in, see our saunas, talk to us about the health benefits, and experience for yourself renewed health and a rejuvenated spirit.


Release & remove toxins

Infrared waves penetrate and heat water molecules in your body causing them to move together to produce heat. This excitement of the water molecules results in the heat required to release harmful substances through perspiring.


Increase circulation

The slightly increased heart rate induced by the heating of your tissues increases blood flow throughout your body.

Improve skin tone, texture, and appearance

Increased heating and perspiration through better circulation pulls the toxins from your body through your skin. Heat enlarges your skin pores allowing for easy removal of dirt and sweat helping your skin cells heal faster and function better. Washing away the resultant perspiration leaves your skin clean and rejuvenated. A Blackstone Sauna can help you:


Augment weight loss

Removing harmful substances through perspiration and increasing your heart rate, which results in greater circulation, helps your body strive to reach its highest potential. You can enhance your weight loss efforts through healthy living, exercise, and removal of toxins. Research demonstrates that the resultant perspiration from an infrared sauna use contains 90% toxins, and not just water loss. Some studies liken 30 minutes of sauna usage to 30 minutes of average aerobic exercise. Sauna usage does not replace exercise efforts; however, it does greatly augment your existing routines.


Ease aching muscles

The warmth of the sauna eases your tense aching muscles and the pain of arthritis, bursitis, or Fibromyalgia. This enhanced relaxation and well being lasts well past the sauna use and helps you have a deeper, more restful sleep.


Enhance heart function and help lower blood pressure

Infrared saunas are becoming one of the most efficient ways to help heart patients improve their heart function after a serious heart attack. The gentle heating and consequent heart rate increase allows these patients to begin healing quicker. (Please consult your physician prior to use.)  

An infrared sauna is beneficial and helpful to you if you have controlled high blood pressure.  If your blood pressure is too high, stressing your body in any way – either through heat or through exercise – is dangerous.  However, if your blood pressure is controlled through medications, an infrared sauna can help improve your overall health by relieving your body of excess water (helping your heart function more easily), improving circulation, increasing heart rate during use (similar to light exercise), and through the removal of toxins.  The key is to be sure your blood pressure is in control.  This is a direct reference to being sure you have received the appropriate medical intervention.  Do not try to use the sauna as a way to lower your blood pressure on your own without first seeing your doctor and receiving the appropriate medications. 

You may find that frequent use of an infrared sauna actually helps keep your medically controlled blood pressure more even with less fluctuations and perhaps lower it overall.  There are many heart disease studies that link infrared saunas with healing after heart attacks, but the best thing is to prevent the heart attack in the first place – adding infrared sauna sessions to your lifestyle is an excellent aid along with diet and exercise in helping you transform your lifestyle to one that is healthier.


Reduce stress

Taking a short time away from the cares of the world in your Blackstone Sauna can help reduce your daily stress. This time allows your body to begin to function properly and your mind to relax from the stress and strains of your daily life. It provides a quiet, reflective time for you, or a relaxing social environment for you and one or two others (depending upon the size of your sauna).


Speed Cancer Recovery

Recent studies are demonstrating that sitting in a far-infrared sauna enhances recovery in cancer patients. Cancer cells cannot live in hot environments. Far-infrared heat kills cancer cells, helps the body remove toxins from cancer therapies, and enhances general well being and recovery of cancer patients (please consult your physician prior to use).  Please see Dr. Black's article "Infrared Heat and Cancer" online at for more information regarding cancer recovery.


Take some time today to contact one of our sauna specialists regarding the health benefits you will experience through your Blackstone Sauna, locations in Qualicum Beach and Greater Vancouver BC.

Electromagnetic Spectrum

The electromagnetic spectrum includes all waves generated from the sun. The word infrared means "below red," as these waves are just below those of visible red light. Although we cannot see infrared light, we feel it as heat in the increased warmth of our skin. While we feel the heat from these rays, they are below the visible light spectrum and cause no damage to our skin as ultra violet rays can. A Far Infrared wave generates a long spectrum of microns ranging from 5.6 microns to 1000 microns. The human body receives Far Infrared waves at lengths between 6 to 20 microns with the ultimate skin penetration length of 9.4, which is the optimal length for cellular vibration and detoxifying. That is why Far Infrared Saunas use heaters that emit Far Infrared waves and not medium infrared or near infrared waves. All our units, regardless of price range or model, have the same generation range of Far Infrared emissions. Our heaters emit the vital wave range of 7 to 14 microns with the major portion of the wave averaging at 9.4 microns (wave crest 14 microns, wave trough 7 microns, average general portion of wave 9.4 microns). This is the frequency that causes water molecules to vibrate; in the human body this vibration of water molecules is what causes the release of cellular toxins. The emission range is constant while the sauna is in heat mode.

Infrared waves penetrate and heat objects by exciting the molecules in the object causing them to move together producing heat. Finnish saunas and other conventional hot air saunas heat only the air around them and at high temperatures between 180-235 degrees Fahrenheit or 82.22-112.78 degrees Celsius. An Infrared Sauna produces Far Infrared waves at lower temperatures (100-150 Fahrenheit or 37.78-65.56 Celsius) that penetrate the skin to approximately 1.5 inches or 3.81 cm, increasing the body's temperature internally and more quickly then merely sitting in a hot environment. Our infrared saunas provide greater benefits at lower temperatures resulting in more effective sauna sessions for the user.