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Need for Heat

need for heat book cover

Your search for improving your health is saying something to you today. The Need for Heat is the only researched and current guide to far-infrared saunas ever written. Take the journey with Dr. Black through the history of saunas, understandable description of the science behind far-infrared technology, exploration into various health benefits you’ll experience with consistent use of an infrared sauna, what to look for when purchasing, and how to properly use your infrared sauna. Infrared sauna use offers you a healthier, more peaceful method of healing your body.  Some of the benefits you will experience with consistent infrared sauna use are: softer and clearer skin; reduced muscle and joint soreness; faster healing of cuts, bruises, and acne; increased weight loss; deeper more relaxing sleep; reduced stress and more. Available Through Ravenrock Publishing, Inc. & on Kindle