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Blackstone Saunas uses only the best materials in all our products. Product components from wood, heaters, electrical wiring, control panels, hinges, seating, and other operable components are always of the highest quality and excellence. Our engineers inspect and approve every sauna or massage chair. Each one of our products has an individual serial number that enables us to track the quality of manufacturing for warranty purposes and ensures every product meets our high standards.


All saunas have solid finished Canadian Douglas Fir Wood on all sides with no fillers or plywood. Front, sides, and back panels are finished with a light finish that is beautiful from any angle. Blackstone Saunas does not use varnish or any substance that will emit toxic vapors on the interior. Using a gentle soap weekly and a once yearly light sanding easily cleans the interior. (Cedar available through special order.)


At Blackstone Saunas we carry a wide variety of styles with both ceramic and carbon fibre heaters. Each unit has wood slats to ensure a comfortable sauna session for the user. Deluxe units come with moveable side rests.


Ceramic heat is a clean, efficient heat. Electric current is cycled through a silicon (glass) filament to produce infrared waves. Ceramic infrared heaters are well researched, tested, and proven to be an excellent heat source in the infrared light spectrum. These heaters are spaced strategically throughout each of our individual units to ensure maximum benefit for the sauna user. Our models have a larger space between the actual heating element and the protective outer covering, which provides more of a safety barrier from the user contacting the actual heating element. Ceramic bulbs last an average of 30,000 hours before replacement needed.

Carbon Fibre

Blackstone Saunas also offers the choice of carbon fibre heaters in our deluxe models.  Carbon fibre is a synthetic material made through a chemical and physical process.  It is a thin strand of material woven together to produce a strong, fire resistant fabric used in spacecraft, aircraft, golf clubs, bicycle frames, and more.  Carbon fibres are excellent electrical conductors.  The benefits of using carbon fibre as an infrared heating element is that they produce an even heat, are durable and lightweight, and have a low thermal inertia point.  The surface area of these infrared heaters is larger resulting in a continuous overall infrared wave coverage throughout the sauna.  Carbon fibre infrared heaters are the newest, most efficient, health promoting infrared technology on the market.  The Japanese designed and patented heaters provide a gentle, comforting heat.


Quality self-locking heavy-duty hinges ensure the stability of the sauna yet provides for easy moving. Each factory inspected self-locking hinge ensures good alignment between sauna walls resulting in a flush quality fit.

Control Panels

Front and interior panels control for temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, have light controls for mood or reading, and timers that regulate sauna time. Deluxe units also come with mood lights, ionizers, and light therapy.

Electrical Wiring

All wiring is CSA/CTL or E/U approved. Each unit is individually inspected and stamped with approval. Wiring is heavy duty, safe, and easily accessible from the roof of all units. Wiring is simple to set up and easily taken down for moving.


Units come with wood benches and backrests that allow the user to change positions often or lounge comfortably. Strategically placed heaters provide maximum heating. Interior CD/AM/FM radios come standard and TV/DVD players are available upon special order.